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Who's Yer Con is Back in 2023-D

We're back with an in-person, in 3-D, live, real life event!

First, a thank you to everyone for all your excitement about Who's Yer Con coming back. It really helps keep us going.

Next, there are some changes this year, and the biggest is we have found we need to charge a little bit for badges. We didn't make this choice easily, but the realities of the convention business mean we need to ask a little bit from everyone. Still, it's only $10 for the weekend if you register before Mar. 8th, 2023. After that, it will be $20. (For the whole weekend - We hope still a good deal!) Kids under 16 are free. You can get badges here.

If you want to support us further, purchase a membership on this website right here. That money goes to help make sure we can continue to have WYC and other events year round.

Last, event submission closes Mar. 8th, 2023. We'll open event registration shortly after that.

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