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We get lots of questions about our organization, our convention, and other topics. We've collected many of them below.


What is Who's Yer Gamers?

Who's Yer Gamers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting hobby gaming in Indiana. You may have heard of us because of Who's Yer Con, which is the largest, and main, event that we hold.

When is the next convention?

We are in the process of planning our next several events and will have information Soon(tm).

What else do you do?

Who's Yer Con has traditionally been our largest event, but we also plan local game days, charity events (like Thanks4Giving), and other events, most of which are free.

What is your Code of Conduct?

Who's Yer Con Questions

How much does it cost to attend WYC?

We try to keep the cost as low as possible. In the past, it's been free to attend WYC. We are still investigating what the con will look like and what it might cost, but we are committed to keeping it as low-cost as possible for our attendees.

How do you keep the cost so low?

It costs a lot of money to put on Who's Yer Con. We keep the cost low through donations of both money and time from local businesses and gamers. That's right, we count on people just like you to help out and keep this vision alive. You can do this by simply giving us a monetary donation. Cold hard cash goes a long way. Or you can help out by volunteering your time. Both of these things are very important!

Do you have any statistics about WYC?

Yes! We have several years of data available and will add more of it here soon. For now, here are our yearly Con attendance numbers.

WYC Unique Attendees by Year

2013: 941 

2014: 1131

2015: 1673

2016: 2410 

2017: 2194

2018: 1855

2019: 2201

Who's Yer Con Vendor Questions

When do you communicate  with vendors?

Usually in the fall (November-ish) before the convention.

How long is your waitlist?

Typically it is 5-10 vendors long. Usually we have very few slots for new vendors (0-3).

I didn't get picked! Why?

We are selective in the vendors we choose; we want a broad range of items of interest to our demographic. We also try to limit the number of duplicate vendors in our exhibit hall.

I still have questions!

You can contact Please be aware we are a volunteer run con and it may take a few days to get a response

WYC Vendor FAQs

Who's Yer Gamers Sponsor Questions

How do I become a Sponsor?

Information will be coming soon! If you can't wait, please email

Where will my link go on your website

It is put on Our Sponsors page of the Who's Yer Gamers website.

What are the dimensions of the WYC program?

Details may be found on the Ad Sizes for Who's Yer Con Program document.

How many attendees does WYC have?

See the Recent Statistics section below for links to our recent convention data.

Can I mix and match my sponsorship?

Please and thank you! If you’d like to sponsor in both cash and product, MSRP of product will be converted to cash at a ratio of $4 MSRP to $1 cash. For instance, $100 MSRP in product is equivalent to $25 of cash.

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