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Officers 2023-24

Matt Boersma

Matt Boersma

President, 2023-24 term

Matt Boersma lives in Greensburg, IN, where he words as an adjuct professor of Biblical Studies and as a Taekwondo instructor, and when not doing those, is a Stay-at-Home Dad. He also helps lead Motley Kids, which brings kids activities to several localish fan conventions, including Who's Yer Con. He graduated high school from the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and the Humanities ('98), college from Manchester College (now University, '02). He has a Masters of Arts from Bethany Theological Seminar, and a PhD from Hebrew Union College. Beyond role-playing games and board games, Matt likes to brew beer, practice Taekwondo, cook, and has recently started some minor gardening. He's married to Nykki Boersma, a family practice physician. He has three kids: Miriam (16), Malachi (12), and Salome (7).


Giselle MacNabb

Community Outreach Director, 2023-24 term


I am an Indiana National Guardsmen, mom, step mom, full time student, activist and gamer! I've been heavily involved in the Cosplay and Gaming scenes for about 8 years now, and turning my attention to being more involved with planning community events. I am currently pursuing a degree in Political Science, with the goal of attending McKinney Law school in 2025. I've been in the US Army for 16.5 years, and focus mostly on Soldier wellness and ensuring that all Soldiers are provided with excellent leadership. "No One is more professional than I..."

  1. Why you should be elected for this position?

    I feel that I should be elected to this position because of the community connections in multiple genres of gaming, conventions and everyday life that I have. I am also very deadline driven and a go getter.

  2. What qualifications do you have to hold this position?

    I am an NCO in the Indiana National Guard, I have been Principal Producer for two burlesque and drag troupes, I run a home with 5 children (2,4,6,8,16) (and 4 cats....) I also am held accountable for close to $600k worth of military equipment with zero lost items, and I'm just nice and personable. (after coffee and squishmellows...ha ha)

  3. Your dependability to follow through on tough projects…provide at least one example.

We were preparing for Annual Training at our last drill (June, 2023) and I got an order for a very complicated communications request. I had 5 hours to facilitate this request before the end of the day. Being in LaPorte, IN this creates a very unique situation in obtaining equipment as our BN is located in Lawrence, IN. I was able to call a few companies to secure the needed equipment. I was able to get in contact with a company within driving distance of my location, secure 10 radios (to include full testing). My platoon that needed them now has all equipment needed to accomplish their mission for Annual Training this year!


Thank you for this opportunity!!

Community Outreach Director
Demetrius Green_edited.jpg

Demetrius Green

Secretary, 2023-25 term

I am from the east side of Indianapolis. I have a passion for learning, process improvements, and technology. I practice many types of martial arts, wood working, metal working, and role playing games. I studied Biology, Chemistry, and Philosophy at university. I work in IT for Indianapolis-Marion County.


Scott "DensityMan" Chevalier

Sergeant at Arms, 2023-25 term

Greetings everyone. I'm a lifelong gamer currently living in Bloomington with my wife, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a small tank full of in-bred guppies. I have been coming to Who's Yer Con since its beginning, been a supporting member for most of those years, held a staff position in 2019 for WYC 11, and am running now for my 3rd stint as the Sergeant-at-Arms of WYG. I enjoy gaming on tabletops in RPGs, games involving boards or cards, and I also game at the computer and online. When not creating narratives in shared alternative realities, I like to shape wood and stone into fanciful shapes for use by others; mostly this is making wands, staves, and other functional carvings. 

Sergeant at Arms

About Who's Yer Gamers' Officers' Roles

The Who's Yer Gamers Board of Directors includes four elected Officers: President, Vice President/Community Outreach Director, Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms. The descriptions for each of these positions as defined in our bylaws are as follows:

The President shall:

  1. Preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership.

  2. Have a single vote on motions before the Board.

  3. Represent the organization in matters of importance to the organization.

  4. Incorporate the Strategic Plan of the organization into operations.

  5. Provide direction and leadership for the organization.

  6. Maintain residency sufficient to attend and conduct periodic obligations on behalf of the organization.

The Community Director shall:

  1. Serve as Vice President of the Organization and will lawfully act with the authority and capacity of the President when the latter is absent or temporarily unable to serve.

  2. Have a single vote on motions before the Board.

  3. Seek opportunities for community involvement in accordance with the Strategic Plan.

  4. Coordinate with other organizations for mutual support of community efforts.

  5. Manage designated funding and resources for community/charity support and services.

  6. Synchronize/assist Volunteer Coordinator with supporting community projects.

  7. Provide the Secretary written/typed records of results of community activities.

  8. Maintain residency sufficient to attend and conduct periodic obligations on behalf of the organization.

The Secretary shall:

  1. Serve as the President and/or Community Director and/or Sergeant at Arms to the maximum possible extent when any are absent or temporarily unable to serve.

  2. Have a single vote on motions before the Board

  3. Keep written/typed records of minutes of the organization meetings.

  4. Track individual and total volunteer hours.

  5. Provide to the Treasurer, as part of the Annual Community Report, the total number of volunteer hoursprovided to the community by the organization.

  6. Provide each Board member with a copy of meeting minutes.

  7. Provide the designated web-master with copies of meeting minutes, by-law amendments, and other such documents to be made available to our membership electronically.

  8. Maintain residency sufficient to attend and conduct periodic obligations on behalf of the organization.

The Seargant at Arms shall:

  1. Preside over internal Member and Board conflicts and recommend resolutions to all parties involved.

  2. Have a single vote on motions before the Board

  3. Assess implementation of the Strategic Plan and provide feedback/resolution as needed.

  4. Serves as the organization’s complaint department for internal and external complaints.

  5. Maintains records of complaints received, resolutions recommended, and result.

  6. Provide reports of records to the Board of Directors when necessary or relevant to issues presented at meetings.

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