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WYG 2023 Sponsorship Levels

Who's Yer Con is a free gaming convention run entirely by fans, so we depend on our sponsors to help provide an enriching and exciting experience through product giveaways.

Who's Yer Con attracts well over 2,000 gamers from Indiana and beyond, and has grown by 20 percent or more each year (excluding Covid years 2020-2022).


Don’t miss this opportunity to get your product and your brand in front of the people who want to know you.

Don't see a good fit? Drop us a line and we'll work out a plan that works for you.


$50 Cash


$200 in Product Donations


  • Sponsor-provided logo on the WYG website†

  • One social media mention*


$125 Cash


$500 in Product Donations


  • Includes all Bronze level PLUS:

  • 1/4 page B/W ad in the WYC Program Book

  • Info/Demo booth (subject to availability)


$200 Cash


$800 in Product Donations


  • Incldes all Iron level PLUS:

  • Upgrade to 1/2 page B/W ad in the WYC Program Book

  • Upgrade to two social media mentions*


$500 Cash


$2,000 in Product Donations


  • Includes all Steel level PLUS:

  • Upgrade to full page B/W ad in the WYC Program Book

  • Upgrade to three social media mentions*


$1,000 Cash


$4,000 in Product Donations


  • Includes all Silver level PLUS:

  • Upgrade to inside cover ad in the WYC Program Book§

  • Sponsor provided banner hung in Convention area‡

  • Room naming rights for one area of the convention (i.e., ABC GAMING Miniatures Hall), subject to availability and approval

  • Focused Social Media Mention*


$2,000 Cash


$8,000 in Product Donations


  • Includes all Gold Level PLUS:

  • Upgrade to five social media mentions* and one Focused Social Media Mention*

  • King suite hotel room for you and your guests Friday and Saturday of the Convention (includes Saturday night occupancy)


(First come, first served. Subject to availability.)

Helpful Info

All rewards are subject to availability and will be reviewed for appropriateness. Many rewards have limited quantity and will awarded first come, first served. All decisions and placement choices are made at the sole discretion of WYC staff.

* Social Media has a reach of 2500+ Members


† Art Work: All artwork is subject to approval, and must be submitted no later than Feb. 1, 2019 in usable electronic format: .gif, .jpg, or PDF. Failure to submit usable artwork by the deadline will signal forfeiture of said ad space.


‡ Banners must be provided by sponsor. All display banners must be 15 square feet or smaller and are subject to review and approval by WYC staff. WYC staff are the final decision makers on viability and placement of banners.


§ There are only three Full Page cover ads available: Back, Inside Back, and Inside Front, and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Recent WYC Unique Attendees by Year

2013: 941 

2014: 1131

2015: 1673

2016: 2410 

2017: 2194

2018: 1855

2019: 2201

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WYC Sponsors Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be a sponsor?
Fill out our sponsorship form found here: 2020 Who's Yer Con Sponsorship Form

Where will my image go on the website?
It is put on Our Sponsors page of the Who's Yer Gamers website.

What are the dimensions of the Who's Yer Con program?
Details may be found on the Ad Sizes for Who's Yer Con Program document.

How many attendees might I reach in becoming a Sponsor?
See the Recent Statistics section below for links to our recent convention data.

Can I mix and match my sponsorship between cash and product?
Please and thank you! If you’d like to sponsor in both cash and product, MSRP of product will be converted to cash at a ratio of $4 MSRP to $1 cash. For instance, $100 MSRP in product is equivalent to $25 of cash.

Game Library Donations

Fun Support

 Donate one or more new games to the Who’s Yer Gamer Game Library and we will:

  • Post your provided logo on the WYG website as a Games Library Supporter

  • List you on the Thank You page in the WYC Program guide

  • Add your title to our “New Games This Year” signs in the Library itself.