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2022 Elections & By-Laws Update

Greetings Who's Yer Gamers!

Another yearly membership meeting has come and gone and that means Officer nominations are open for the Who's Yer Gamers (WYG) Board members and elections will follow suit.

The nomination begins at this sending, 7/9/2022, and will run through July 30, 2022, up to 11:59pm.

After the nominations have been collected there is a period (of up to a week) during which the Sergeant-at-Arms for the organization will contact the nominees and confirm whether they accept or decline the nomination. At the cessation of this contact period (of up to a week) WYG Elections will be announced and the voting will begin for a period of 7 days.

Recently adopted changes to WYG By-laws have extended the terms that Board Officers serve to two (2) years in an effort to ease the transition of officers into their roles and continuity of the organization. Elections will also alternate so that only two positions will be elected each year.

Positions available for nomination this year are as follows:

President: currently Megan Edwards

Community Outreach/Vice President: currently Aisha Cargile

You can send nominations to

Next year elections will be held for Secretary (currently Jen Englert) and Sergeant at Arms (currently Scott Chevalier)

We look forward to hearing from you with your nominations of motivated people looking to move the org forward. More information to follow at the end of the nomination period for Board Officers 2022.

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