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Funding Future Cons - Your Input is Needed

Greetings Gamers! TL/DR - We need your input about how to fund further Who’s Yer Cons -

First, we want to say thank you for your support in the past! Gamers like you are why we do so much of what we do and we couldn’t do it without your support and attendance. Second, we want to talk about the future.

The last several years has done a number on the con scene. We have had to cancel several events and the events we have been able to host have had some new rules and restrictions. As things are opening back up, we’ve been attempting to hold events again, but have run into a number of other new issues.

One of the biggest is cost. The hotel industry has changed some of their pricing models for hosting conventions like Who’s Yer Con. The quotes we are receiving now are 3x-5x what we were paying back in 2019. Additionally, room night costs have gone up. This makes it significantly more expensive for us as an organization and we need to address that. (We’re not in any financial trouble at this point, just can’t pay these rates and stay that way.) We’ve got a survey we’d like you to fill out so we can see what you, our members and supporters, want to see. There are a few options on what Who’s Yer Con might look like in the future - Do we charge for badges? Do we need to go smaller? Do we need to look at a new kind of venue?

Thanks for your continued support and for your help navigating this new landscape! Who’s Yer Gamers Convention Committee

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